Thursday, March 29, 2018


In business sometimes you get a buyer that just knocks you off your feet. Sometimes in a good way and sometimes not. Fortunately for me, I have not had many Fiverr bad experiences but when I have they have been shocking. I recently did a project that initially I thought to pass on. I took on this last project because I felt maybe I just wasn't being fair. It shouldn't pass perhaps on past experiences or stereotypes or characteristics as I wouldn't want someone to pass on me based on an assumption.

I can usually sift out bad Fiverr buyers but this one got past me. NaomiRichards911 contacted me to sing a song for her. She chose my Supreme Vocals package. My Fiverr seller description for this package states "Lead, Backgrounds, Harmonies, Stacks, Mixing. Buyer provides Melody, Lyrics, and Guide Vocals". She was agreeable to my instructions and ready to get started. She didn't have a lot of questions or instructions. She just wanted to get started. I reached out to her a few days before delivery because I wasn’t sure I was going to beat the clock. I explained to her that I am a performing artist and I had had a couple of engagements since the order had been placed. I further explained I do not like to rush projects but I will do my best to get it to her before the clock runs out. “No problem”, she wrote. 

The clock did not stand a chance. Gratefully I beat the clock by a day and I did not rush. I do not believe she knows that I delivered before time ended. My first delivery was a rough reference before I sent it to be mixed. I do this to make sure the buyer and I are on the same page and if there is anything to change I can do that before it is mixed. Thirty-six hours passed, I never heard back from her. When I received the final mix I sent the final mix to her with my watermark underneath, so if there was an issue it can be fixed. I asked her to please let me know when she would like me to send the final wav. file. Still another thirty-six hours passed and I did not hear from her. 

Unfortunately for me she finally answered this morning giving me a 3.7-star review. I was certainly blown by this. She gave me 4 stars for communication, 4 stars for service as described and three stars for ordering again. I asked her as you will see below, "What happened?" I really wanted to know. I do not need to argue about my work so that would not have happened however I would have engaged a conversation so I thoroughly understand what seemed to have been wrong. Even if I would not have liked it as I did not like the review I could at least pondered it and perhaps made an improvement.

I write this to let buyers and sellers alike understand it is important to communicate. Buyers and sellers are prohibited from communicating outside of the Fiverr platform and to try will only get the sellers account suspended or removed. So it is important to articulate your needs, wants, and what is expected of the outcome. If there is something you do not find up to par then say so. I thought the song sound great. I will leave a copy here. But she never said anything. She never communicated that she was unhappy with anything. 

Here is a little encouragement for all of you Fiverr Best Sellers. I am talking about everyone who has had the courage to offer their services and keep on moving forward no matter what. People will be who they are and some people are predisposed to being quite negative and/or critical. Many times they are not into giving compliments and have decided from the start they are not going to reward you with a good review. Other times they just will not like your work for whatever reason. Do not worry about it. Move on.

Lastly what is interesting to me is the Fiverr Seller Levels. Well, more like the Fiverr Buyer Review.  Over the years I have completed nearly 700 projects that have been reviewed. Maybe 50 have given me less than 5 stars with NaomiRichards911 being the most notorious for a low rating. With those numbers for some reason, my star rating has decreased. I really do not think the Fiverr rating system is accurate among many other matters. So just be aware of this.

What I learned from this, Fiverr bad experience, is to trust my gut. No matter what, if you feel leary about a buyer or a seller, do not work with them. Just pass. It is not worth it. 

If she ever answers my question, which she most likely will not, I will post an update.

Here is the song: 

Monday, March 26, 2018



Get Your Jingle Here

The Jingle Masters

I worked on a jingle recently for a faucet manufacturing company out of India. At first, I was thinking “faucets? How am I going to write a thirty-second jingle about faucets?” But I was up to the challenge. As the client and I messaged back and forth I came to realize although faucets do not seem to be such a big home update by hearing about them they really are. As I thought to myself why does this make sense this question led me to remember when I was remodeling my kitchen and bathroom. I know for a fact the faucets really made a difference as I spent a lot of time searching for just the right ones that would provide me the feeling of modern luxury. It is also a known fact that only updating the hardware can make a huge difference. After pondering this gig I was all in.

Sometimes when being hired to write a jingle at first thought I am thinking, “oh wow 😕!What can I possibly do with this?”

 I researched the company and it’s slogan. The buyer sent me a couple of jingles they have used in the past but just like the remodeling of my kitchen and bathroom they wanted to upgrade.

The great thing about someone choosing me to do their song or jingle is just that, they have chosen me. It is a great feeling that a client feels they can trust you with their brand to bring whatever it was they heard special about you.

I sent the idea to my producer and we collaborated on the sound the music should have. The buyer did not want it to sound Indian. He wanted an American feel. Cool. This is helpful information that I ask a buyer before getting started. Many times buyers are not certain what they want so the information can be very limited. But whatever info that can be provided is helpful for a positive outcome. Many times buyers just want something else other than what they have. Thus my producer and I went to work.

Once I got the track back I felt like I wanted to hear something else other than what I received. So my producer sent two more tracks. I liked that last two. I sent the options to the buyer and he picked the second one that had been created. Great for me because that was the one that inspired me. 

My next step was to start crafting the lyrics and melody. Finally, I was finished and I really liked what I came up with. I sent it to the buyer for approval before moving forward to the mix. After he approved it. It was mixed and finalized. The buyer was not very communicative at all once the process started but he left a good review.  

Here is the jingle: 

Friday, March 2, 2018

How Did You Fare the Fiverr Level Challenge Last Month?

Recently a level 2 seller on Fiverr. I am back after two months to find my new status is No Level now. I have quite popular on Fiverr but not as popular as I thought. Many changes have occurred. Please read my blog to find out WHAT IS GOING ON.

I too have made changes. Maybe these will help you. I have updated my prices and am now using their three-tier pricing system. I have changed my tags. Let at the tags of the top sellers and see if they will work for you. I have also included these tags in my title and body. I have added new bodies of work as well. I will see if these changes are can stand up to the tyranny of the new Fiverr algorithms.

I create custom original jingles from scratch. I also create jingles for children brands, books, event, etc. If it needs a song I can create a catch memorable one or two or however many you need.

I do not churn out songs to level. It is my goal to provide excellent work in a timely way without compromising dedicated attention to each project. Since the indoctrination Fiverr’s new leveling system I believe it causes people to get burned out, charge erroneous unwarranted fees and fast track productions regardless of the quality. I have successfully completed over 600 projects. I do believe out of all of the online marketplaces Fiverr is still top. They advertise a lot more than the others which bring business to the site. I took time off to refresh, revive my creativity and ready to give you the best that I've got. I care more about the quality of production and content than leveling. You may contact me via Fiverr or my own site for that personal communication.

My work speaks for itself in quality and content. Regardless of Fiverr’s new leveling system I will not rush any projects or overbook. That is not the way I would want my project handled especially when I am paying for it.

My work is not cookie cutter or assembly line generated. It is creative and I take it seriously. I create custom original jingles from scratch.

Check out my website now and email me and I will give you 10% off my Fiverr prices.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Fiverr New Seller Levels

Is it still possible to work for yourself and establish a business via Fiverr? Even after they collect 20% of your fee and after they charge the customer a surcharge?

Since my last blog post Fiverr has changed considerably. Fiverr has introduced a new leveling system. Even if you have a 5-star positive rating and few order cancellations you now need to earn at least $400 in a certain amount of time to achieve Level 1.

My account has been demoted from a Level 2 seller to Level 1 and let me tell you I can certainly tell the difference. It has been an outrage among many seasoned and professional sellers although Fiverr has been trying to cover this up. I have worked on over 600 projects, maintained a level two status, and maintained a 5-star rating and reviews for over three years. And not one of my reviews is fake. I worked hard for each and every one. Under their new tyranny in order to stay above, you must work constantly with no vacations no breaks because if you are not producing you could be demoted. Seemingly sellers are being forced to work on whatever projects come to be able to level up or maintain their current status. It seems more like working for Fiverr than working for yourself.

For me, my work is creative in which I perform all of it. I do not take shorts cuts and work in excellence. The quality of projects and customers makes a very big difference me. I do not believe quality is Fiverrs’ main goal. Their sellers have voiced many times that buyers are constantly placing orders even when the description states please contact first and sellers are penalized for canceling the orders if it does not work out with the buyer. But this has fallen on deaf ears. One thing for sure it is a great time for buyers to stack up on very cheap services because of the imposition Fiverr has decided to put their sellers in. So enough of my opinion here are the new changes for Fiverr.

The following are the new requirement you need to achieve to become a Level 1 seller.
Before you were required to complete at least 60 days as an active Seller on Fiverr. With the new rules, you now must complete at least 2 months of Fiverr to reach Level 1 status.

*You must now complete at least 10 individual order
*Earn $400 or more
*Maintain a 4.8-star rating over the period of 60 days
*90% Response rating over the 60 days
*Do not receive TOS warning over the period of 30 days

I will tell you this in favor of your gig Fiverr has not perfected their updates. They are quick to demote you but their updates are not consistent or ….

It is believed that now with these new standards to achieve Level 1 status this will provide a more professional platform of sellers because now it is a little more difficult to achieve Level 1 status.
I can see this being helpful. There have been many sellers perpetrating the look of a professional but not providing a professional service or results.

These are supposed to be the benefits for the Level 1 seller
-          Before you we only allowed 7 active gigs, now you have 10
-          4 Gig Extras ($5, $10, $20, $40)
-          Send Custom Offers, up to $5,000
-          Earning clearance: 14 days

Now, this really makes me upset because I have achieved this many times over and yet this company still demoted my account.

Becoming a Level 2 Seller on Fiverr Requirements
*Complete 120 days or more as an active Seller on Fiverr
*Complete 50 or more orders.
      *Earn $2,000+
*Maintain a 4.8 star rating over a period of 60 days
*90% Response rate, Order completion and On-time Delivery over the course of 60 days
*Avoiding receiving warnings over the 30 day period

 These are supposed the be the Benefits of Fiverr Level 2
-          20 Active Gigs
-          5 Gig Extras ($5 to $50)
-          15 Gig Multiples
-          You can Send Custom Offers up to $10,000
-          Eligibility to be featured in promotional listings
-          Eligibility for Customer Success program
-          Earning clearance: 14 days

Now the following are the requirements for the Top Seller which they were never going to give me. Based on Fiverr TOS they do not want you contacting them with your grievances about their system or what they can make better. Many times Fiverr’s system would not work properly for deliveries and communicating with buyers. Although they claim to have known this they were very receptive to it being brought to their attention of how it may have affected the seller.

Top Seller is the highest level available on the Fiverr platform, to achieve these you need to complete the given requirements below.
*Complete at least 180 days as an active Seller on Fiverr
*Complete at least 100 orders.
*Earn at least $20,000
*Maintain a 4.8 star rating over the course of 60 days
*90% Response rate, Order completion and On-time Delivery over the course of 60 days
*You need to Avoiding receiving warnings over the course of 30 days

Now after all of this you can lose your status as I did.

This is what makes it feel like you are working for Fiverr rather than for yourself?
Now people having any Level in Fiverr can lose their Level if they fail to accomplish the following requirements, the next evaluation is on the 15th of February, I believe, and people who will not be able to complete these requirements will be demoted to lower level.

Let’s suppose you are on Level 2 and your order completion rate is below 90% till 15th of February your level will be demoted to Level 1. So check your account status by going to Analytics on your Fiverr tab.

Many sellers have been leaving because they no longer feel they are working for themselves. This seems to work well for newbies or those passing themselves off as professional but for the real professionals this is not the best deal.

I am a true professional. I have jingles and songs being heard all over the world. I have worked for companies such as Disney, Warner Bros, Universal, Inters cope records and many in between. I am a professional which I am sure Fiverr will never hand pick me as they have not all this time because just like I am writing this blog I send them my grievances when they are not performing their service correctly. They take notice.

This is the best time for buyers because sellers are put in the position where they cannot have much preference for the projects they take on. You have to be working constantly if you want your listing to show up on the first or second page of the listing. Sadly, this does not determine whether a seller is professional or not and I believe that most of the buyers that are attracted to Fiverr could care less. Many are looking for cheap, not professional. Hiring a pro cost more. I think if you have a service you provide where it is automatic and you do not have to do the creative work yourself then maybe Fiverr is for you.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Fiverr Become A Requested Seller

Hello!! Thank you for visiting. I have been wanting to start this blog for some time now. It is long overdue. Over this past Christmas/New Year holiday season I decided to forgo working on projects to develop new ideas, refresh my creativity, relax and learn new things. This blog was one of the goals on my list. Check!

I have been a Fiverr seller for three years now selling nearly full time. I have done well and I always want to do better. What I like most about selling on Fiverr is it provides the opportunity for people all over the world to come together and bring ideas to fruition. In this global marketplace, folks provide services and buy services from one another on a global scale. Fiverr seems to invest quite a bit of money in the promotion of their platform which helps if you do not have the marketing budget to advertise your service business to business or business to customer. Although many people write how-to books stating “market on the internet for free” I haven’t seen that produce the best results if you’re really trying to make an impact for your business. Fiverr helps with that. 

I provide the comprehensive production of Jingles “short pop songs” to businesses, brands, personal and just for fun for the purposes of marketing, advertising, and promotion. I have written songs for children books, parodies, clothing stores, websites, theme songs, churches and more. I unknowingly stumbled up this market because a customer asked me to produce a 60 second song for their consignment store. I instantly connected with their idea. They wanted to convey they might have gotten knocked down but not knocked out.  They wanted a song that let others know they were back stronger than ever. I could totally relate to this. I was up to the challenge. Everything I felt in my heart I wrote in this 60 second song and she loved it. This of course did not relate to the store as she changed her mind and wanted the song to be her personal theme song and later decided to order a jingle for that specific purpose of her store. So I ended up doing two back to back and then another one, three. WooHoo!!

I initially started on Fiverr providing vocals, both lead, and backgrounds, then based on customer request I progressed to full song productions (original music track, vocals, backgrounds, mix and mastering). I was scared at first because I never provided my talent online at the consumer level. I always worked for large companies in a professional and controlled environment. This one on one, willy nilly online customer base was intimidating to me. What if people do not like my work? What if? What if? And someone fervently said to me “so what, everyone is not going to like what you do so get over it and get started.” Praise God I have done well and have been able to maintain a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating. However, this does not come without challenges.  

My overall goal is to provide work that I would demand from someone else.  I always give excellence, quality time and my full attention to each project. It is important to me. Mostly, people have loved my work and give rave reviews. Rarely do customers dislike it. However, it does happen. That’s life and business. More than stars, I really want my customers to love their project. One of the best compliments I was given was "I cannot stop singing it, I love it".

As a music designer, I like to call it, I work with a partner on the track productions. We truly enjoy the work we do. We work smart and hard at it. It has helped us with our creativity, challenging ourselves to do projects distinctively different than the last. Aspiring to make each projects sound standout on its own. Creativity takes work and brain power when you want to do it well.  Being able to work with people all over the world and attending to their different visions, we’ve been given the opportunity to develop our talents more diversely, evolve our skills, and meet deadlines. You never know what a customer will request and when they will need it.

My partner and I have created an impressive portfolio. As we desire to provide our services outside of Fiverr via we continue to work the Fiverr platform. Jingles keep us very busy. In my next blog I will discuss why jingles are important. Stay tuned.

Since the original posting of this blog Fiverr has sabotaged many sellers accounts by demoting them to entry level because of new rules they have impelmented. All those they spent years to level up and to maintain their rating now seems to have been to no avail. 

WHAT THE WHAT WHAT! In business sometimes you get a buyer that just knocks you off your feet. Sometimes in a good way and sometimes not...