Monday, January 15, 2018

Fiverr Become A Requested Seller

Hello!! Thank you for visiting. I have been wanting to start this blog for some time now. It is long overdue. Over this past Christmas/New Year holiday season I decided to forgo working on projects to develop new ideas, refresh my creativity, relax and learn new things. This blog was one of the goals on my list. Check!

I have been a Fiverr seller for three years now selling nearly full time. I have done well and I always want to do better. What I like most about selling on Fiverr is it provides the opportunity for people all over the world to come together and bring ideas to fruition. In this global marketplace, folks provide services and buy services from one another on a global scale. Fiverr seems to invest quite a bit of money in the promotion of their platform which helps if you do not have the marketing budget to advertise your service business to business or business to customer. Although many people write how-to books stating “market on the internet for free” I haven’t seen that produce the best results if you’re really trying to make an impact for your business. Fiverr helps with that. 

I provide the comprehensive production of Jingles “short pop songs” to businesses, brands, personal and just for fun for the purposes of marketing, advertising, and promotion. I have written songs for children books, parodies, clothing stores, websites, theme songs, churches and more. I unknowingly stumbled up this market because a customer asked me to produce a 60 second song for their consignment store. I instantly connected with their idea. They wanted to convey they might have gotten knocked down but not knocked out.  They wanted a song that let others know they were back stronger than ever. I could totally relate to this. I was up to the challenge. Everything I felt in my heart I wrote in this 60 second song and she loved it. This of course did not relate to the store as she changed her mind and wanted the song to be her personal theme song and later decided to order a jingle for that specific purpose of her store. So I ended up doing two back to back and then another one, three. WooHoo!!

I initially started on Fiverr providing vocals, both lead, and backgrounds, then based on customer request I progressed to full song productions (original music track, vocals, backgrounds, mix and mastering). I was scared at first because I never provided my talent online at the consumer level. I always worked for large companies in a professional and controlled environment. This one on one, willy nilly online customer base was intimidating to me. What if people do not like my work? What if? What if? And someone fervently said to me “so what, everyone is not going to like what you do so get over it and get started.” Praise God I have done well and have been able to maintain a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating. However, this does not come without challenges.  

My overall goal is to provide work that I would demand from someone else.  I always give excellence, quality time and my full attention to each project. It is important to me. Mostly, people have loved my work and give rave reviews. Rarely do customers dislike it. However, it does happen. That’s life and business. More than stars, I really want my customers to love their project. One of the best compliments I was given was "I cannot stop singing it, I love it".

As a music designer, I like to call it, I work with a partner on the track productions. We truly enjoy the work we do. We work smart and hard at it. It has helped us with our creativity, challenging ourselves to do projects distinctively different than the last. Aspiring to make each projects sound standout on its own. Creativity takes work and brain power when you want to do it well.  Being able to work with people all over the world and attending to their different visions, we’ve been given the opportunity to develop our talents more diversely, evolve our skills, and meet deadlines. You never know what a customer will request and when they will need it.

My partner and I have created an impressive portfolio. As we desire to provide our services outside of Fiverr via we continue to work the Fiverr platform. Jingles keep us very busy. In my next blog I will discuss why jingles are important. Stay tuned.

Since the original posting of this blog Fiverr has sabotaged many sellers accounts by demoting them to entry level because of new rules they have impelmented. All those they spent years to level up and to maintain their rating now seems to have been to no avail. 

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