Friday, March 2, 2018

How Did You Fare the Fiverr Level Challenge Last Month?

Recently a level 2 seller on Fiverr. I am back after two months to find my new status is No Level now. I have quite popular on Fiverr but not as popular as I thought. Many changes have occurred. Please read my blog to find out WHAT IS GOING ON.

I too have made changes. Maybe these will help you. I have updated my prices and am now using their three-tier pricing system. I have changed my tags. Let at the tags of the top sellers and see if they will work for you. I have also included these tags in my title and body. I have added new bodies of work as well. I will see if these changes are can stand up to the tyranny of the new Fiverr algorithms.

I create custom original jingles from scratch. I also create jingles for children brands, books, event, etc. If it needs a song I can create a catch memorable one or two or however many you need.

I do not churn out songs to level. It is my goal to provide excellent work in a timely way without compromising dedicated attention to each project. Since the indoctrination Fiverr’s new leveling system I believe it causes people to get burned out, charge erroneous unwarranted fees and fast track productions regardless of the quality. I have successfully completed over 600 projects. I do believe out of all of the online marketplaces Fiverr is still top. They advertise a lot more than the others which bring business to the site. I took time off to refresh, revive my creativity and ready to give you the best that I've got. I care more about the quality of production and content than leveling. You may contact me via Fiverr or my own site for that personal communication.

My work speaks for itself in quality and content. Regardless of Fiverr’s new leveling system I will not rush any projects or overbook. That is not the way I would want my project handled especially when I am paying for it.

My work is not cookie cutter or assembly line generated. It is creative and I take it seriously. I create custom original jingles from scratch.

Check out my website now and email me and I will give you 10% off my Fiverr prices.


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