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I worked on a jingle recently for a faucet manufacturing company out of India. At first, I was thinking “faucets? How am I going to write a thirty-second jingle about faucets?” But I was up to the challenge. As the client and I messaged back and forth I came to realize although faucets do not seem to be such a big home update by hearing about them they really are. As I thought to myself why does this make sense this question led me to remember when I was remodeling my kitchen and bathroom. I know for a fact the faucets really made a difference as I spent a lot of time searching for just the right ones that would provide me the feeling of modern luxury. It is also a known fact that only updating the hardware can make a huge difference. After pondering this gig I was all in.

Sometimes when being hired to write a jingle at first thought I am thinking, “oh wow 😕!What can I possibly do with this?”

 I researched the company and it’s slogan. The buyer sent me a couple of jingles they have used in the past but just like the remodeling of my kitchen and bathroom they wanted to upgrade.

The great thing about someone choosing me to do their song or jingle is just that, they have chosen me. It is a great feeling that a client feels they can trust you with their brand to bring whatever it was they heard special about you.

I sent the idea to my producer and we collaborated on the sound the music should have. The buyer did not want it to sound Indian. He wanted an American feel. Cool. This is helpful information that I ask a buyer before getting started. Many times buyers are not certain what they want so the information can be very limited. But whatever info that can be provided is helpful for a positive outcome. Many times buyers just want something else other than what they have. Thus my producer and I went to work.

Once I got the track back I felt like I wanted to hear something else other than what I received. So my producer sent two more tracks. I liked that last two. I sent the options to the buyer and he picked the second one that had been created. Great for me because that was the one that inspired me. 

My next step was to start crafting the lyrics and melody. Finally, I was finished and I really liked what I came up with. I sent it to the buyer for approval before moving forward to the mix. After he approved it. It was mixed and finalized. The buyer was not very communicative at all once the process started but he left a good review.  

Here is the jingle: 


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